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Meet the Animals


Invertebrates – We have a large range of native and exotic insects or bugs in all shapes and sizes. We also have spiders, scorpions, phasmids, crustaceans and molluscs.

Range of different reptiles species…We have BIG ones, small ones and all sorts of shapes and sizes in between!

Snakes – Various Python Species

Turtles – Australian Freshwater Turtles

Lizards – Geckoes, Dragons, Skinks and Monitor Lizards (Goanna’s)

Crocodiles – Freshwater and Saltwater Crocodiles

Amphibians – Beautiful Green Tree Frogs, Endangered Growling Grass Frogs, the little known about Cave Dwelling Frogs and an ugly introduced pest – “Grouch” the Cane Toad.

PossumBirds – Crazy Kookaburras, Nocturnal Tawny Frogmouth, Majestic Barn Owls, Comical Cockatoos and a mix of Native and Exotic Parrots

Native Marsupials - Cute Possums and Shy Sugar Gliders.

Exotic Animals - Amazing Common Marmoset Monkeys

Watch this space with NEW species coming soon!!!


Meet the Team

Daniel – Owner / Manager


Daniel has worked in the Animal Care Industry for many years, including several Zoos and Wildlife Parks, Veterinary Clinics, Animal Welfare establishments and TAFE NSW as Teacher of Animal Care / Zoo Keeping. He has also been a native wildlife rescuer / rehabilitator for 8 years in the Sydney region.

Daniel has completed many qualifications including a Bachelor of Animal Science, Diploma of Management, Certificates in Zoo Keeping, Veterinary Nursing, Training and Assessment and other related short courses or specific animal care training.

Daniel has lots of favourite animals, however his favourite animal is the BUSH STONE CURLEW, which is an endangered species in NSW and really needs our help. To donate or find out more information about the Bush Stone Curlew Project, please visit this link:

Daniel leads the team of staff and volunteers who make GET WILDAnimal Experiences operational and strives to exceed industry standards and promote wildlife conservation through fun and immersive animal experiences and education.

The Rick – Supervisor


Has a wide variety of interests and hobbies including fast cars, motorbikes, the beach and animals. His favourite pet is “Sheebah” the Bearded Dragon, he also likes mice!!! He has completed an Animal Care Certificate at TAFE NSW and other specific animal care courses.

Allira – Senior Keeper / Wildlife Presenter


Allira has worked in the Animal Care Industry for many years, in both Zoos and conservation positions worldwide. Ranging from facilities like Shoalhaven Zoo, Mogo Zoo and Symbio Wildlife Park to larger rescue centres for abused and injured big cats, having played a part in one of the first successful rehabilitations of a Bobcat from a young Kitten. Allira’s favourite animals are Primates and Big Cats. Allira has also spent quite some time in Africa being actively involved in wildlife conservation with the International Anti-Poaching Foundation:


Alana – Senior Keeper / Wildlife Presenter


Alana has worked in the animal industry for many years at zoo's and private animal care facilities. Her passion is primates and education for conservation of animals. Alana spent 4 years of her career caring for over 160 monkeys and has travelled to the United States and many zoos in Australia to further her knowledge and skills for husbandry of primates. She loves all aspects of working with Get Wild and has enjoyed broadening her captive management of a huge range of species. Alana has her Diploma in Primatology, Certificate II in Animal Studies, Certificate III in Captive Animals, Certificate in Animal Massage & Natural Therapies she has completed a Husbandry Manual on the “Black Handed Spider Monkey – Ateles geoffroyi” and is currently in her 2nd year of a Bachelor in Animal Science. When she's not out and about with Get Wild Alana loves spending time with her rather unusual variety of pets ranging from reptiles, birds, dogs, cats and her rescued captive red foxes.

Thomas – Casual Keeper / Wildlife Presenter


Thomas has many interests, mostly wildlife. Going around Australia trying to find as many native species as possible. From trying to find the most dangerous and endangered species on land, to scuba diving under the water and trying to seek out sharks, he has a passion for the animals that have the best chance in harming you. Thomas has his Certificate II Animal Studies, Certificate III Captive animals and Certificate III Tourism and gained experience through volunteer work at Taronga Zoo and Symbio Wildlife Park.



Renee - Marketing / Volunteer Co-ordinator / Keeper / Wildlife Presenter


If you call the Get Wild number chances are you will be speaking with Renee. Renee has many roles at Get Wild including Wildlife Presenter, Marketing and PR Coordinator and Keeper. When Renee isn't with the animals at Get Wild Renee has her hands full with her beautiful family. Renee is also very passionate about Wildlife and is involved with Rescue and Rehabilitation of Wildlife through Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services as well as with conservation projects with Get Wild! Renee has completed Animal Studies II, Captive Animals III, Sydney Wildlife Rescue and Care and Macropod, Wombat and Koala specific courses.

Claire – Wildlife Presenter


Has had a passion for animals her whole life, especially reptiles, birds and killer whales! She has has a love of motorbikes, fashion and modelling. She has an Animal Care certificate from TAFE NSW and has attended specific animal care training courses also. Claire has finished her certificate III in Captive Animal Management and finishing certificate III in Small Business Management.

Lochlan - Assistant Keeper / Wildlife Presenter


Lochlan has a passion for all aspects of the reptilian world with a huge emphasis on the husbandry of large lizard species and snakes! Lochlan has had a love of reptiles since he was young, learning from one of his favourite reptile experts Steve Irwin. Lochlan has gained much experience with a range of species since being with Get Wild and has a new found passion for working with primates, birds and mammals but his main goals are to be a senior keeper of reptiles one day. Lochlan has a certificate II in animal studies and an advanced reptile care certificate. Lochlan is due to complete his certificate III in captive animals and his venomous snake capture and release certificate by June 2016. When Lochlan is not working really hard helping with the animal husbandry or enclosure construction at Get Wild he is spending time riding his motorbike or hanging out with his beloved private reptile collection.

Jenny – Assistant Keeper / Wildlife Presenter


Jenny has been keeping and breeding a large range of birds, reptiles and domestic animals for over 20 years. She helps the team out where she can, she is a whiz with the administration and ensures paperwork is up to date. Her favourite animal is “Wally” a 18 year old Pet Eclectus Parrot.

Other Team Members


We have a pool of volunteers, presenters and animal keepers, some are studying, some are retired and some help out where they can.

Are you interested in Volunteering?? Please email Renee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if we have any vacancies.



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Note: We are in Sydney but we travel around NSW

PO BOX: 284 Panania NSW 2213


Mobile: 0477 100 604



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