Between 2013 and 2019 Get Wild had donated its time and services to various charities and also money to several conservation initiatives across Australia and Overseas. Some of the conservation projects Get Wild have supported over the years include: Proyecto Titi to assist in-situ conservation of Endangered Cotton Top Tamarins in Columbia, Save the Bilby Fund, Tree Roo Rescue & Conservation Centre and the Nature Conservation Working Group working closely with the re-introduction of the Bush Stone Curlew in NSW and the ACT. Get Wild will continue to support these initiatives into the future. 


In 2019 Get Wild has commenced the launch of the Get Wild Threatened Species Breeding and Research Centre. This breeding and research centre is located within the home base facility of Get Wild and aims to maintain, breed and conduct research on threatened species. Some of the projects involve breed for release programs and the associated environmental conservation preservation and restoration for these species to be returned to the wild. Get Wild hopes to commence some of our own reintroduction programs over the next 3 years. 


More information about the Get Wild Threatened Species Breeding and Research Centre is coming soon.